Ceftriaxone 250/ 500/ Inj

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Ceftriaxone 250/ 500/ 1000 MG Inj (RECEF)

Ceftriaxone 250/ 500/ 1000 MG Inj (RECEF)

Speciality Derma Medicine
BrandIndorich Therapeutics
60.20 / 45

CEFTRIAXONE 1000 MG is a kind of drug: Ceftriaxone (Cephalosporin Antibiotic). CEFTRIAXONE 1000 MG is used to deal with bacterial infections.


Some common side effects are as follows. But it is not mandatory that everyone will experience these side effects.



Changes in liver function tests




  • Take CEFTRIAXONE 1000MG after having a meal to keep away from belly upset. • Please do now no longer self-administer CEFTRIAXONE 1000 MG. Your health practitioner/nurse will administer it. • Do now no longer take CEFTRIAXONE 1000 MG when you have or had a hypersensitive reaction to antibiotics like cephalosporins, monobactams, or carbapenems. Symptoms of hypersensitive reaction encompass swelling of the face, throat, hands, feet, ankles, or excessive rashes that broaden quickly. • Please do now no longer forestall taking CEFTRIAXONE 1000 MG despite the fact that you sense better. You are recommended to take CEFTRIAXONE 1000 MG for so long as your health practitioner has prescribed it. • Please seek advice from your health practitioner when you have diarrhea after the drugs are administered. You are recommended to drink lots of water and to take non-highly spiced meals.


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- Can I Stop Taking CEFTRIAXONE 1000 MG On My Own?

  2. Do now no longer stop taking CEFTRIAXONE 1000 MG for your Complete the overall direction of the drugs as suggested via way of means of your medical doctor. Continue taking CEFTRIAXONE 1000 MG despite the fact that you experience better. Do now no longer hesitate to speak together along with your medical doctor in case you experience any discomfort.
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