Luliconazole Cream W / W

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Luliconazole Cream 1% W / W (With Tray) (FUNGICIL)

Luliconazole Cream 1% W / W (With Tray) (FUNGICIL)

Packaging 30GM |
Speciality Derma Medicine
BrandPharma Drugs & Chemicals
172 | 240

Read the Patient Information label if it is recommended by your pharmacist earlier than you begin the use of luliconazole and every time you get a refill. If you have any questions, consult with your health practitioner or pharmacist.


This medicine is to be used on the skin only.

Wash and dry your arms earlier than making use of the drugs, then smooth and dry the affected location. Apply a skinny movie of the drugs to the affected location and a number of the surrounding skin and lightly rub in as directed via way of means of your medical doctor, normally as soon as a day. The period of remedy relies upon the kind of contamination being treated. Do now no longer observe this greater regularly than prescribed. Your circumstance will now no longer clean faster, and your threat of aspect results will increase.

After making use of the drugs, wash your hands thoroughly. Do now no longer cover, bandage, or wrap the location until directed to accomplish that via way of means of your medical doctor.

Do now no longer observe this medicine in the eyes, mouth, or vagina.

Use this medicine often to get the maximum advantage from it. To assist you to remember, use it at the identical time every day.

Continue to apply for this medicine till the whole prescribed quantity is finished, even though signs disappear after some days. Stopping the drugs too early may also bring about a go back to the contamination.

Tell your medical doctor in case your circumstance persists or worsens.


Before taking luliconazole, tell your medical doctor in case you are allergic to it or to various azole antifungals such as econazole, ketoconazole, or miconazole; or when you have any different allergies. This product may also incorporate inactive ingredients, that may reason hypersensitive reactions or different problems. Talk to your pharmacist for extra details.

Before the usage of this remedy, inform your medical doctor or pharmacist of your clinical history.

Before having surgery, tell your medical doctor approximately all the products or medicine over-the-counter you use (including prescription drugs, nonprescription drugs, and natural products).

During pregnancy, this remedy ought to be used most effectively whilst genuinely needed. Discuss the risks and benefits along with your medical doctor.

It is unknown if this remedy passes into breast milk. Consult your medical doctor earlier than breast-feeding.

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- Can I Use This Medication During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, this remedy ought to be used most effectively whilst genuinely needed. Discuss the dangers and blessings together along with your medical doctor.

+ Is It Safe To Use This Medication While Breastfeeding?

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