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The Top Medical Accessories Manufacturer in Cuttack

Pharma Drugs and Chemicals provides a wide range of medical accessories to help doctors in order to improve the health of their patients. we are one of the leading company which is providing Covid Protection Kit Manufacturer Supplier to various reputed big hospitals, large Pharma companies at a very reasonable price.

Due to covid situation, people are looking for the hand sanitizer which is made with good quality as the sanitizer kills the germs and bacteria which cause many health problems. Pharma Drugs and Chemicals especially designed Hand Sanitizer Foot Operated Stand to overcome the problem of Covid-19.

If you want high-quality hand sanitizer or other medical accessories then feel free to contact us at  +91-7889028274, +91-9216767741 or send us a message via we will contact you shortly and answer all your queries with satisfactory information.

Pharma Drugs and Chemicals as the Best Heath Care Equipment Manufacturer in Cuttack

We are in the Pharma industry for the last 16 years. We know the current demand of the market, what quality of products people are searching for? Our team of experts is manufacturing high-quality products be keeping in mind the health of each person and their health concerns. You can get the Automatic Touchless Hand Sanitizer Machine for your industrial use, office, public areas, or also for home at an economical price.

We are the top-most company which is providing medical equipment to medical professionals around Cuttack. We are also recognized as the Cotton Face Mask Manufacturer as well as distributor which are supplying medical accessories to different states of Cuttack.

We have got many positive reviews from our clients who become our partners because of our top-quality products. Pharma Drugs and Chemicals is famous as the Top Latex Gloves Wholesalers in the marketplace.

This pandemic time, people are going through hard times and looking for alternative solutions to overcome this problem. After seeing this condition we manufacture custom covid kits for the welfare of the society. Due to this, we become famous as the Custom Covid Kit Manufacturer in front of medical practitioners.

Why Choose Pharma Drugs and Chemicals for the Best Medical Equipment Manufacturer in Cuttack?

In medical equipment, there are lots of accessories including Latex gloves, custom mask, shoe cover, face shield, nitrile gloves, examination gloves, and much more. Pharma Drugs and Chemicals is the one-stop solution for all these products and also we are known for the PPE Kit Supplier among a large number of people. 

Our company provides Bouffat Cap to various hospitals, pharma companies at a wholesale price. Because of this reason we are honored as the Bouffat Cap Supplier in different states of Cuttack.

We have a large production unit where we are manufacturing all the medical accessories with the special care of contamination-free environment and hygiene also. Our Pharma partners recognized us as the Best Face Shield Wholesalers who never cut down the corners in the quality of our medical equipment.

If you are curious to know more about our other products and services please contact us on the given number we will assist you with the best customer service.


Name: Akarshan Kapila
Contact number: +91-7889028274, +91-9216767741

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